Dangers of making excuses

The priests seem to have tended toward the more social, political, and earthly aspects of their position. This pattern of thinking was attractive to many of the more socially-minded Jewish leaders. Numerically a much smaller party than the Pharisees, the Sadducees belonged mostly to the wealthy influential priestly families who formed the social aristocracy of the Jewish nation.

In other words, they saw no relationship between the need for holiness and the destiny of their nation. Religion was religion; politics was politics. They were therefore very skeptical of the Pharisees and seemingly concluded that the latter were old-fashioned, irrelevant, and fanatical Acts, NKJV. Yes, even today in Christianity we have Sadducees. Today they are the Christian government leaders who compromise with the world, to hold on to their power over the masses. In other words, they see no relationship between the need for holiness and the destiny of their nation.

Religion is religion; politics is politics; therefore, they want to remove all traces of religion from public sight. God does not answer prayer; therefore I will not come and pray. I work hard, live a good life, and do what I can; that is all you can do. Pharisees - The Pharisees were so named early in the reign of John Hyrcanus. What started out to be a very wholesome and much-needed dependence on the Word of God deteriorated to a formalism and legalism that denied the spirit of the Word Acts,Luke NKJV.

Today the Pharisees are still with us. They believe in sprinkle baptisms; therefore, they are not Christians. Herodians - The Herodians emerged during the Roman Era. They were perhaps motivated by a fear of the Roman government and the possibility of total destruction that could result from an act of rebellion on the part of the Jews. They were strongly inclined toward Hellenism and were opposed to the Pharisees and their constant emphasis on separation MatthewMarkNKJV.

Men can reason, however, only with the knowledge and concepts they have.

The Hidden Danger of Making Excuses

In the ancient world this meant Hellenic Greek philosophy and pagan authors. So Christianity was forced by the needs of the people into the world of pagan thought. We will discuss it in committee and pray about, and get back with you later. Essenes - The Essenes were also a product of the Roman Era.

"Stop Making EXCUSES and Take RESPONSIBILITY for Your LIFE!" - #OneRule

They are not mentioned in the New Testament but have received considerable attention since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This group of people was religious, not political.

They were a type of pseudo spiritual cult which felt that they must withdraw from ordinary human society and practice a monastic kind of life and a mystical kind of Judaism.

With a passion for the spirit of the law and a separation to God, the Essenes lost all consciousness of the evangelistic mission of Israel.Well, neuroscience and of course our own everyday experience confirms this as just silly.

dangers of making excuses

Imagine if we always did what is best for us? Sure, in many circumstances we CAN just do it. And doing is of course, a critical part of making things happen. No amount of evidence or knowledge seems to move the needle here.

But if you often run into difficulty making changes to your life, changes that you know will help you in the long run — like losing weight, getting healthier, eating more vegetables, doing more exercise, complaining less about your job, being a better listener or even being a more present parent.

On the other hand, we can also appreciate the utility excuses bring in some circumstances. I agree, there most certainly are good reasons not to do things. I wanted to do my research paper but I keep thinking of great things to write about on my wellness blog.

Excuses are framed to allow no room for compromise, no space to negotiate and no opportunity for growth or adaptions. A reasonis an acknowledgment of our beliefs and feelings as they are and as our objective reality is. It would be insane to think you could or should.

MOST of the time you have to say no to things, and only put your attention into the things you really want or like. So who is me? I mean you… Who am I? We can do anything we want if we form strong beliefs that align with our desires and our objective reality. The way our brain works, we need reasons for everything. Our conscious brain where our thoughts are needs to reconcile with our unconscious feelings where our emotions and beliefs are.

We all have the need to survive, connect, grow etc…. These are the things we want at the deepest level. As we have experienced throughout our life, we form beliefs about ourselves and the world that control our behaviors.It seems to me that American people are especially good at making excuses.

Sometimes we make excuses to avoid responsibility for our actions. This morning we should be able to identify with Moses as he makes excuses before the Lord. In our previous study we saw that the Lord has told Moses that he was the man God has chosen to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

And in so doing hopefully we will learn something about the excuses in our own lives.

On the lingering dangers of excuses — 5 lesser known reasons you should go excuse free

The first excuse that Moses gives is one that we should recognize. Moses suggests that God has the wrong guy for the job. Listen to what he says. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain. Moses felt overwhelmed with the responsibility.

Maybe Moses felt this way. It is not unusual for people to feel this way when they are asked to do great things. He tells Him that what Moses lacks, God will supply. Whatever the challenge, God will be with you. You may not be strong enough by yourself but you are not by yourself.

He is with you. One caution. Make sure you have bathed the matter in prayer. Make sure that you have counseled with some wise Christian friends.

And after you have done so, go with confidence knowing that God will go with you and will supply what you lack. Sound familiar? Listen to this next excuse. It has a familiar ring to it. If so, then you understand where Moses is coming from. In other words, tell them that the God who always has been, is, and always will be has sent you.

He is not human. He cannot be confined by a name. He transcends any description of Him that we can muster. In an effort to transliterate write in an english form YHWH vowels were added. And from that we get the name Yahweh or Jehovah. Every time we read about Yahweh or Jehovah in the Bible it reflects back on this particular passage.We are afraid to fail because it damages our view of ourselves, our self-esteem.

To protect our self-esteem, psychologists have found that people use all sorts of self-handicapping strategies from McCrea, :. If you succeed you look especially gifted, if not then your excuse is already there. If you can succeed without really trying then you must be super-talented. So the more a person is convinced of their own talent, the more they like to prove how easy it all is for them. The problem with self-handicapping is pretty obvious, i. Sure enough self-handicapping behaviours are associated with lower motivation, less persistence at difficult tasks, less self-guided learning and lower performance in general.

The methods of self-handicapping above are pretty obvious, but there is also a more insidious type of mental gymnastics that will cause problems. This is when you make excuses for a poor performance afterwards. What they found was that making excuses made people feel better about themselves because they were shielded from lowered self-esteem. But, on the other hand, the excuses reduced the motivation to prepare properly in the future.

The line between an excuse and an explanation is a fine one, but generally excuses reduce motivation because they tend to:. So the first step in avoiding self-handicapping is noticing and cutting out the most obvious self-defeating behaviours, like not trying very hard.

dangers of making excuses

It will mean taking a hit to your self-esteem, which will hurt in the short-run, but will allow better performance in the long-run. He holds a doctorate in psychology from University College London and two other advanced degrees in psychology. He has been writing about scientific research on PsyBlog since Image credit: Matthias Weinberger.

Follow PsyBlog. Published: November 29, in category: Motivation.If you really, really want something, you find a way. Excuse-making is self-sabotage.

It stems from a deeper, subconscious desire to protect yourself your Ego against anxiety and shame. Making excuses to other people is one thing, but making excuses to yourself is totally destructive.

People do it so often that it becomes a habitual response. But have you ever thought about the massive negative effects it has on you? Of course, there is a difference between making excuses and providing explanations. If you are providing an explanation, you are assuming responsibility and facing the consequences. In addition, with an explanation and clarity you can analyze, and by analyzing you can understand and learn.

If you are making an excuse, you are not accepting responsibility and not facing the consequences. The fact is that if you really, really want something, you can almost definitely make it happen if you keep at it long enough. No matter what your circumstances. You simply have to quit making excuses and start making opportunities. On the flip side, if you honestly do NOT really, really want to do something, then go ahead and own it, and admit it to yourself and others --and don't give it any more of your precious energy or attention.

A few way more empowering questions to ask yourself are:. Excuses are a way to justify not pursuing what you really want in life. Have you ever heard of this remarkable man? Nick Vujicic. He was born without arms and legs. After a childhood of bullying and thoughts of suicide, he is now one of the best motivational speakers in the world! He's so incredible, I have SO much respect for him!!! He says: "You may have arms and legs but unless you know 3 things If you do not know the answers to ANY of those 3 questions, you are more disabled than I.

Check out this video:. In our Western world there are very few things that we can actually make excuses for. We have so many opportunities and resources here! You can too! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Published by Suzanne at March 5, Categories Blog. Excuse-making greatly affects your confidence and your self-esteem. Share this: Facebook. Related posts. Read more. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Media: TV programmes: is a state of satisfaction intended for broadcasts all over the world.

Newspapers: is a daily or weekly printed publication made up of installed sheets and including news advertisements articles etc Speech Minimum 3 minutes. Introduction - Introduce the topic Introduce the ideas you will cover State position persuasive Body - 3 paragraphs minimum Explain each idea in detail Elaborate and use examples Conclusion - Finalise, sum up the ideas Reaffirm position Rhetorical There is a dangerous epidemic running through our schools.

LIke a dark shadow lurking in the cloak bay, it is waiting for us to come face to face with it. Some of us will embrace it. Some of us will never be allowed. Considerable social psychology and communications research show that intelligent use of fear messages can have favorable effects on attitude change and action.

Yet the unique persuasive possibilities offered by the fear appeal have been neglected by marketing. This is in sharp contrast to the creative pursuit of positive advertising appeals. This article presents a marketing-oriented discussion and summary of research on the fear.

I will keep calm and not become angry. I will ask them if they knew the dangers and ill effects of smoking and how it was dangerous to their health etc I will criticise the act and not the pupils I will report the. Marijuana is the most common drug used amongst teenagers. Siegel, Brandon C. Welsh, "", P. Smoking large amounts of pot, or has can cause distortion 's in auditory and visual perception, even hallucinatory effects.

Small doses produce an early excitement "high" that gives way to drowsiness. The use of pot is also related to decreased activity. Use the words from the word bank to fill in the blanks below.John NIV.

Sermons on John Collection: Christ's Triumphant Resurrection. The Easter Challenge. Against All Odds. This Is Love. Come Alive. Kyfingers aol.

dangers of making excuses

Define excuse: to make apology, try to remove blame, to let off from doing, pass the fault, justify. Scripture: LukeGenesis Denomination: Assembly Of God. Excuses, excuses, you hear them everyday. When people come to know the Lord, the devil always loses, So to keep them folks away from church, he offers them excuses! Excuses, Excuses Luke Excuses, excuses, you hear them everyday.

Are excuses keeping Scripture: Luke Denomination: Church Of God. Everybody has an excuse for not comming to the Lord Jesus Christ. Denomination: Baptist. Moses was called by God to do work but he came up with excuses; how about us?

Please open your bibles to Exodus chapter 3…. We noted in v of Exodus 3 how holy God is and wherever He is is holy ground. God is holy but He calls unholy people personally to Him.

God, who has created everything, is to be approached with humility, respect, and holiness! God is the Creator; Scripture: Exodus The feeding of the multitudes reminds us that Jesus wants us to help do God's work in the world. As Christ's disciples, we are to respond to the needs around us not with excuses, but with compassionate hearts, offering all we have to Jesus so that he migh. We've all heard it numerous times in our lives, or perhaps said it ourselves on occasion, "Excuses, excuses!

Or maybe we know we shouldn't have dessert in the restaurant, but we Scripture: Matthew Denomination: United Methodist. School Time Excuses Douglas Bernstein, God wants to have a relationship with us and He wants that relationship to be the most important.

The Art of Making Excuses

But, we make excuses. Scripture: Hebrews To make it possible for everyone to attend church this Sunday, we are going to have a special "No Excuse Sunday": Cots will be placed in the foyer for those who say, "Sunday is my We have all majored in this, we have Ph. And I am as qualified as anyone to teach this I am always amused by the different excuses people come up with to explain their actions or different situations.


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