Pantone 348

Neither color will ever reproduce as brightly and richly in four-color process as it does as a spot ink. Spot colors are more accurate than screen-built colors. Colors displayed below will vary from printed tones.

Gold is a particularly challenging color. As such, an alternate gold has been provided for electronic applications. Metallic Gold Pantone c31 m39 y88 k5 r g b66 ae Colors rendered on screen from official Hex values.

Possible alternative colours

Printed tones will vary. Like the secondary colors, the tertiary color palette is intended to add breadth and depth to our overall look and feel. These tertiary colors have been chosen to complement the other brand colors and provide an expanded family of colors. These colors should be used only as accent colors or in limited ways.

The color palette has been carefully selected to create a cohesive family that allows for a range of creative possibilities for the University masterbrand.

Use of these elements in communications will help create and maintain a consistent look and feel for our collective key audiences. Communicators are not required to use these colors, but please consider their use.

These secondary colors have been inspired by the heritage of Notre Dame. Pantone c11 m11 y62 k0 r g b f6e7a1 Pantone c61 m44 y k31 r88 g96 b26 Pantone c32 m33 y k3 r g b0 Pantone black 4 c59 m65 y74 k71 r49 g37 b28 Pantone c40 m78 y67 k45 r g50 b51 5f Pantone c79 m13 y28 k0 r0 g b 5aabbc Tertiary Colors Like the secondary colors, the tertiary color palette is intended to add breadth and depth to our overall look and feel.

In which cases should I use the primary colors?Color is a fundamental component in establishing and communicating the University of Notre Dame athletics brand identity. Consistent use of color in conjunction with the monogram, across various communications establishes brand recognition. With colors rooted in the tradition of Notre Dame, it is important that they are always displayed with utmost accuracy.

All printed colors, albeit printed on coated or uncoated stock, should match color to current Pantone chips that are up-to-date. These color combinations are more closely identified to other institutions and will take away from the brand equity Notre Dame has built with the consistent use of blue and gold as its primary palette.

The primary color palette should not be used in conjunction with any other colors outside of special use case scenarios which require special approval from Fighting Irish Media and Notre Dame licensing.

The following color applications are for Athletics only. These colors should only be used for on-screen digital applications such as video boards. To ensure the Notre Dame athletics palette remains consistent, please use the following prescribed ranges:.

The official colors of Notre Dame athletics are blue and gold and should be used in all cases when communicating on behalf of the brand. White is a supporting color in conjunction with blue and gold. In the primary color palette, green is an accent color to be used sparingly. Contact Fighting Irish Media with questions. There are certain situations where opportunities arise to utilize an expanded color palette that ventures outside of the primary color palette.

Typical opportunities include the occasional use of unique uniforms, such as those promoting Breast Cancer Awareness pink. Though acceptable for special occasions, utilizing colors outside of the primary palette is not intended for long-term use. The rules of certain sports require colors outside of the primary color palette. For example, soccer goalies generally wear special-colored jerseys that differentiate their position from other players on the field.

In this case and similar instances, it is permissible to use colors outside of the primary color palette. However, it is not permissible to use colors outside of the palette for purely aesthetic reasons. Seek approval from Fighting Irish Media and Notre Dame licensing for permissible applications and color recommendations.

When applying the Notre Dame athletics brand with permissible color exceptions, please adhere to the following guidelines:. They are not intended to be used in academic or administrative communications. In the rare instance that an Athletics asset could be considered for use by an academic or administrative entity, that entity must first request use of the branding element s by contacting Fighting Irish Media.

Primary Brand Color Ratio The official colors of Notre Dame athletics are blue and gold and should be used in all cases when communicating on behalf of the brand.Is used in preference to normal commercially available enamels for decorative work of the highest standard.

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Pantone / PMS 348 C / #00843d Hex Color Code

Paint, primer and brush cleaner all arrived very quickly and very well packed. Waiting for weather improvement before use. Read more product reviews. Special offers Sitemap New Arrivals On sale. Sign in Register. Advanced search. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Gloss Semi Gloss Satin Matt.The Pantone Matching System color chart is a very important tool in the promotional products world. Slim to none!

Pantone / PMS 347 / #009959 Hex Color Code

Printing has been around for hundreds of years. It took until from someone to help standardize color! Show Your Logo, Inc. With that PMS number the printer knows the exact specifications to make that color. The end user knows exactly what color to expect on their finished order. PMS colors are used in more ways than just determining what color ink to print. They are also being used to give a more accurate representation of the item the imprint is going on.

Gildan and other t-shirt suppliers to the promotional products industry have started giving out the PMS color for their shirt colors.

pantone 348

What does Berry look like? Does it look like blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries? Looking up the color below we can see that is a deep purple, but then again what is deep purple? Look up PMS below and you can determine what to call that color. There are certain items that we can even PMS color match the entire product.

Do you want a custom silicone bracelet in PMS ? No problem! Want an imprinted lanyard in PMS ? The use of PMS colors in labeling item colors have helped to expand our color selection from black, white, red, and blue to iris, cornsilk, moss, and sapphire. Ensuring consistent colors is one of the core pieces in a good marketing campaign.It has been turned out that our database is a bit outdated, color values differ slightly from the values on the Sherwin-Williams site: update is coming soon!

Click on a color value to select it. Shifted color variants of Pantone C have slightly varied hue values of the color. Tinted color variants of Pantone C have the same hue value while adding white or black tint to the color.

Click on a color to open its information page. Sherwin-Williams colors were collected from the Sherwin-Williams website. Spektran is a free and easy-to-use color-scheme designer tool providing an absolutely new approach and extended capabilities.

Try it today and share your opinion! To allow faster typing, if no colorspace is given, RGB is supposed. Some examples:. The experimental version of our Color picker is available. Try it and tell us your opinion!

Also have a look at our Palette extractor tool: create a palette from an image in seconds!

pantone 348

Color inspirations Shifted color variants Shifted color variants of Pantone C have slightly varied hue values of the color. SWDerbyshire. Spektran Spektran is a free and easy-to-use color-scheme designer tool providing an absolutely new approach and extended capabilities. Some examples: rgb 12 12 but 12 12 is also parsed as RGB fewhile fe works without a hashmark, too lab 70 12 Tools The experimental version of our Color picker is available.

RALEmerald green. RALPearl green. RALTurquoise green. RALGrass green. SWGreenbelt. SWGreens. SWEspalier.Most commonly this happens for a corporate logo.

Unless you went to art school or paid attention in high school art classes, you probably think colors are simple, Red, Purple, Green etc. Believe me they are a lot more complicated, add computer graphics and they get even more complicated. There can be several reasons for that but mainly because the color is made on screen differently from the ink for the page. They are also the main colors the human eye distinguishes. A detailed and independent look at Windows 10, especially for Microsoft Office.

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Pantone is a system of color specification and matching so that printed material have the same colors in different places or times. Many corporate logos and designs nominate specific Pantone colors and woe upon any company or printer who gets it wrong.

The colors might even look the same to the untrained eye. Add Comments to the document with the PMS codes as a reminder. Use the RGB equivalents wherever you need to set a color in Office font, background etc. Go to the color selector, More Colors, Custom tab as shown above.

There are many Pantone to RGB color tables on the web. Office — all you need to know. Do you need it? Office Watch.

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pantone 348

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Printed colours may vary. There are 8 pages of Pantone Colours. Range tototototototo Finish. Use this guide to assist your colour selection and specification process. This chart is a reference guide only. Pantone colors on computer screens may vary based on the graphics card and monitor used in your system.

For true accuracy use the Pantone Color Publication. Credit for coding on these pages www. Sandwich boards, A'frames, Banner Stands. See what we made near you.


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