Quatero amharic

September 4, No Comment Read More. August 26, 3 Comments Read More. More destabilizing jostling looks likely, as the Prime Minister tries to cobble together a centrist alliance.

With its unprecedented public attack last month on…. August 19, 10 Comments Read More. Is PM Abiy Ahmed winning the battle of ideas for hearts and minds? August 12, 12 Comments Read More. But they can also be divisive, and…. August 7, 1 Comment Read More. EMF comprises all Radio, TV, Press and Website productions aiming to foster information exchange among media owners and shape up more effective ways to meet the news and information needs of Ethiopian Diaspora and international communities.

quatero amharic

September 4, Ethiopia to hold autonomy referendum for ethnic Sidama in Nov — Fana August 30, Ethiopians battling khat miraa addiction August 28, New electoral law captures media attention in Ethiopia August 26, CPJ — Ethiopian authorities arrest journalist after he films outside court August 21, Will reforms, Eritrean deal save Abiy in ?

August 19, Gunmen kill family of seven in restive Ethiopian state August 9, Over people arrested in South Ethiopia August 9, At least 16 Ethiopians among recently drowned migrants August 7, Shooting incident involving police at Ethiopia statistics agency August 7, Ethiopian migrants die in stranded boat August 2, By Prof. With its unprecedented public attack last month on… August 19, 10 Comments Read More.

The… August 7, 1 Comment Read More. Open Letter to Professor Alemayehu G. Ethiopia looks to home-grown measures for economic revival.

Emperor Menelik II saved Ethiopia from colonization. The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Hizkiel Gebissa. Al Mariam. What Ethiopia needs is an independent prosecution. Ethiopian party to delay formation of breakaway region. Tsehai Books Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of EMF.Our Mission Email: editor ethiomedia.

List of Ethiopian Media

Contact Us. Addis Dimts. DW Radio. SBS Australia.

quatero amharic

SBS Tigrinya. Ye Dallas Radio. YouTube Video. DC Radios. Ethiopian Review. Ethiopia Nege. Ethiopia Zare. UN News. US Embassy. Opposition Groups. Ginbot 7. Online Journals. Video clips. Amharic Articles. The Economist. Yahoo News. TK Taxes. Ethiopian Athletics Federation.

quatero amharic

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quatero amharic

Home Politics. Ethiopia postpones August elections due to coronavirus. Ethiopia: Parents fear for missing students as universities close over Covid Ethiopia races to bolster ventilator stockpile for coronavirus fight. Ethiopian Prime Minister gets warm welcome in Ambo, a stronghold of…. Ethiopian Airlines suspends flights to 30 countries due to coronavirus pandemic. Ethiopian draft report blames Boeing for MAX plane crash: sources.

Monitor the COVID-19 Conversation as it Unfolds

Ethiopia repeats sweep in 41st BolderBoulder 10K race. Ethiopian Olympic protest runner Feyisa Lilesa finally rewarded. All Culture Food Travel. How Ethiopia got its indigenous grain back. Ethiopia pardons more than 4, prisoners to help prevent coronavirus spread. Trending Now. BBC Sport - Ethiopia's under side are set to be the first team from the country to play in Eritrea since a Ethiopia repeats sweep in 41st BolderBoulder 10K race May 27, Menelik II fought off Italians bent on taking his empire, but also oppressed and enslaved ethnic and religious minorities.

The victims' August 6, How Ethiopia got its indigenous grain back February 8, Pentecostalism in Ethiopia November 25, Ethiopia: Tedros Adhanom played a key role in kidnapping of prominent May 5, Ethiopia postpones August elections due to coronavirus March 31, Ethiopia charges 5 with terrorism over assassination attempt September 28, Ethiopia command post says 9 civilians killed by mistake March 11, Ethiopia lifts month state of emergency August 4, March 27, Oromo nationalism helped bring Abiy Ahmed to power, but it could also be his undoing.

To hold the country together, the Editor's Pick. The father of Ethiopian jazz is always moving—and it keeps his music evolving admin - March 24, Ethiopia launches first satellite into space admin - December 20, The Ethiopian Ministry of Health reported the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases are 29 The Ethiopian Ministry of health reported today April 1, that the Ethiopian Public Health Institute Beloved Australian gynaecologist Catherine Hamlin died yesterday at her home in Ethiopia, aged Sudan, Khartoum March 9, - Abdalla Hamdok, a longtime The prize not only acknowledges the Ethiopian prime minister's commitment to peace, but encourages him to do more.

She won a Nobel Peace prize not for what she had accomplished, but rather for things the Nobel committee hoped she would accomplish. Aung San Suu Kyi is today shunned the international community, treated as a pariah because she has stood aside, saying and doing nothing to prevent ethnic genocide.

Now she is complicit not only By Prof. I have written these commentaries to remind those who believe in solving problems with large scale violence that violence begets violence and lasting peace can be achieved only through dialogue and mutual give and take based on goodwill and good faith.

One of the common criticisms leveled against H. Prime Minister Facebook Twitter YouTube. Viewpoint Political Analysis. Arts Books Music. News Analysis Commentary. News Tech Tips.

Life Style Travel. Coronavirus: Ethiopia reported three new cases. Dr Catherine Hamlin dies at Sudan PM survives assassination attempt in Khartoum. Ethiopia will not participate in negotiations on the GERD.Posted by samson on October 14, in Uncategorized. Ethiopian favourite Yemane Tsegay Adhane won a thrilling battle at the conclusion of the De Lage Landen Marathon Eindhoven, crossing the line in and ending a year Kenyan winning streak in the Dutch city on Sunday Heavy rain meant that the course record of was unlikely to be challenged this year but there were still three men were in contention for the honours with barely a kilometre to go.

The year-old Tsegay Adhane, who can boast of a personal best of when winning the Rotterdam Marathon, then surged as the trio entered the old market area in the centre of Eindhoven and shook off his younger compatriots Bazu Worku and Belay Assefa, who finished second and third in and respectively.

The weather forecast had changed dramatically less than 24 hours before gun went in the Dutch city and the runners had to race in driving rain, a strong breeze and cooler conditions than expected, with the temperature just six degrees at the start. A pack of 14 runners, including four pacemakers, went through 21km in Shortly after the halfway point, runners started to steadily drop off the back of the leading group. Kiptoo was to drop out shortly afterwards but Kigen Korir carried on driving the pace with the four Ethiopians slipstreaming behind him as they went through 30km in At that point, a winning time just inside was still on the cards but, as Kigen Korir started to drop back just before 32km although he stayed in the race to the finish, the Ethiopians then started to concentrate on racing each other rather than against the clock.

Lemma began to lose contact three kilometres before the finish as his fellow Ethiopians commenced their three-way duel, with Tsegay Adhane eventually triumphing in emphatic fashion to continue his streak of winning at least one Marathon every year since he started racing over the classic distance in A clash between French-speaking and English-speaking African countries sunk a move to withdraw Africa from the International Criminal Court in Addis Ababa at the weekend. A combination of factors — including a division between Anglophone and Francophone countries and endless conflicts in the continent — put paid to efforts by some countries to have the African Union announce its withdrawal from the International Criminal Court.

They instead issued five demands to the ICC and its guarantor, the United Nations Security Council, to meet and pave the way for new relations with the court on crimes against humanity and high level impunity. Algeria is a French-speaking nation and is not a member of the ICC. This was the reason, they said, decisions should be taken to stop the ICC. They were aghast that the ICC had failed to respect elected African presidents and time had come for the continent to flex its muscle by renouncing its ICC membership.

However, Francophone countries were opposed to the proposal for mass withdrawal, saying, the AU should pursue their concerns with the UN Security Council and the State Parties forum. Joined by Botswana, they argued that while they were in agreement that the ICC should not prosecute sitting presidents, Africa — which has a long list of conflicts — should not be seen to be taking a move that will create room for such dark acts.

The Francophone countries were further opposed to the proposal that all AU members who wish to invite the ICC to investigate cases in their countries should first consult the union. Their delegations argued that while the Kenya case was urgent, their own situations also merited being included higher up in the resolutions.

Mr Ban promised to use his position to amend the Rome Statute charter to bring on board the concerns that were being raised by the continent. There is celebration in the land, celebration that was not seen in the first half. A first half that made a mess of all those stupendous predictions by overzealous fans who believed that Ethiopia will be meat for supper. It was fun listening to radio and television programmes where Nigerians predicted two or three goals victories for The Super Eagles.

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Andy, a well-known critic Abbreviated Edition "The PD community really is a welcoming and supportive bunch. Dramatic Competition, the Sundance This journal appears half-yearly in Engl Press Release: Allow Ethiopian opposition politician to obtain treatment abroad for torture-sustained injuries [Amnesty. July 1, The Ethiopian authorities must allow an opposition politician who is now unconscious due to injuries sustained in torture and other ill-treatment to obtain life-saving medical treatment a Feedreader Observe.

News Company. Visit us for the latest News,Opinions and much more. News, stories and media buzz related to Quatero. Subscribe to related news. British MPs demand release of Andargachew Tsige via ethsat.

List of Ethiopian Media

What makes Oromo news is increasingly turning out to be trivial. A case for Prof. Haile Larebo via borkena. Report of the Conference on the Future of Eritrea and Ethiopia via durame.

March April 7 via publicdiplomacypressandblogreview. You may also like. Press Release: Allow Ethiopian opposition politician to obtain treatment abroad for torture-sustained injuries [Amnesty July 1, The Ethiopian authorities must allow an opposition politician who is now unconscious due to injuries sustained in torture and other ill-treatment to obtain life-saving medical treatment a Some worthy website to observe next. Website parameters.

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