Spn 2791 fmi 2 maxxforce

Discussion in ' International Forum ' started by dcwjrApr 9, Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Apr 9, 1. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply.

Apr 9, 2. Apr 9, 3. All of these seem consistent with EGR problems, but I'm thinking you've gathered that much. Apr 9, 4. Yep, stuck or malfunctioning egr valves will cause low power by themselves and also cause incomplete regens which will also lead to low power if the engine is detecting soot plugging. HeavydApr 9, Apr 21, 5. The particulate filter had actually come apart and was blocking the outlet, with a new filter installed truck ran great for two days, until it shut down and will not re-start, a pcm re-learn is necessary when replacing the filter isn't it??

And if so would not performing one cause a shut down and no re-start. Apr 21, 6. Most Maxxforce engines have some kind of reset procedure for DPF cleaning. Replacing a DPF will not cause a shut down and no restart. Something else is going on. Do you have any codes? HeavydApr 21, Apr 21, 7. Spn fmi 31 2 5 15 2 19 6 2 2 9 none of these are active, truck cranks over barely starts and shuts right down-it never really starts and it has bad fuel knock- icp pressure is at psi initially.

Apr 21, 8. What year is the truck? Apr 22, 9. Apr 22, This is not a problem, just the engine reporting why it shut down. Idle shutdown is normal. Ignore it. Usually an injector problem. Some service scanners report these codes erroneously. This engine will have an electric fuel pump. It will run for about seconds at key on.

There should be a schrader valve on the intake manifold of the engine somewhere near the front. This is a air bleeder for the fuel system, but you can also do a fuel pressure check here too. You should have psi of fuel pressure.

International Maxxforce 9/10 j1939 communication problem

You need to turn the key off for about 20 seconds each time you run the fuel pump in order to reset the ECM, or else the fuel pump will only run once. HeavydApr 22, Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Apr 23, 1. I would loose power truck and truck would run rough.

International Trucks Diagnostics Trouble Codes (DTCs)

No check engine light. Turn off and restart and it would run fine. Then after fueling up it would run rough and straighten out with out restarting. One time after fueling ran rough then check egine light came on. Diagnosis for egine light at TA read injectors 1 3 5 shorting. And then started saying pending. Reset it, started running fine. Carried to dealer said nothing wrong.

Some time when I ran rough I would see white smoke coming out pipes. Month month later it did same thing engine light came on. Carried to dealer they replaced turboand injector harness. After getting truck back drove miles and it did same thing. Carried it back to dealer and they said nothing was wrong and check engine was on.

Drove about miles and had fuel leak. Fuel pump was bad. They replace it. Also during this time I replaced fuel filter ever 4k it rise up then it would go down. Everytime I replaced it it would rise up immediately after starting. The fault code that came up was I also have an active code fmi 4.

I have a k r scan guage.Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum. Thread Rating: 35 Vote s - 2. Reputation: 3. Good afternoon to all. Seems this maxxforce are following me. I probably way over my head with this one, but the owner has faith on me to fix it. Does anyone has the diagnostic steps for this problem. I tried the local dealer, but they refuse to help, all they said was to take it to them.

Appreciate all your help. Reputation: Engine probably doesn't run or runs very very poorly. From what I've found with this type of code is that an injector has a dead short and is killing a bank of injectors. Bank 2 is listed as 2, 4, 6. Although it's possible, I've never seen the injector harness fail to cause this fault.

Since a bank of injectors is being killed and the engine probably runs like crap on 3 cylinders or doesn't start at all, the easiest way to pinpoint a bad injector is to disconnect one at a time do all 6 and see if the engine will start on the remaining 5 injectors. Once the bad injector is disconnected, the remaining 2 in the bank will operate normally.

There is a procedure for ohming out each injector but doing a disconnect works just as easily especially if you don't have a breakout harness.

Thanks IROC. Is there a way to ohm, because to physically disconnect one at a time they are covered by the Jake's assembly. Pull the Jakes and disconnect each injector from the harness. Check 2, 4 and 6 first since they are grouped in that fault code. There are only 2 wires on each injector. You should have 0.

If all the injectors pass and I think at least one will fail, you then proceed to do a harness check from the ECM to the injectors. Diagnostic steps want you to ohm the injectors first. Before installing a new injector, copy the IQA number off the injector. This needs to be programmed into the ECM after the injector is replaced. Since the valve cover and jake heads are off, recommend to the customer that a valve adjustment should be performed.

Navistar recommends a valve set once a year.

2012 international workstar maxxforce 11 has code SPN 2798 FMI 11

Thanks for the info IROC. I will do the testing tomorrow and will come back here and post results. Good afternoon IROC, two questions. I didn't get enough time to do the checking. I noticed the following. The code is not active it saids "pending" 2. I am using servicemaxx pro and in the diagnostic faults it said, bank 2 cylinders 4,5,6.The ability to display diagnostic trouble codes DTC is an optional feature. Codes may be displayed on either the gauge cluster or an optional vehicle information display VID.

The vehicle must be equipped with the option to display codes in both cases. Codes will not be displayed on the gauge cluster if the vehicle is equipped with the VID. A gauge sweep will be performed on the gauges. The gauge cluster will then display the following information for 5 seconds:. If faults are present, the gauge cluster display will show each diagnostic trouble code for 10 seconds and then automatically scroll to the next entry and continue to cycle through the faults.

Once all faults have been displayed the number of faults will be displayed again, then the cycle will repeat. To manually cycle through the fault list press and release the cluster display selector button. The following information will be displayed for each fault:.

Source addresses and DTC descriptions are presented in plain text. NOTE — The following selections will not be available if the vehicle is not equipped with the option to display codes.

Scroll through the list of faults if faults are present. Some previously active codes may not be cleared by this method. A High Battery Cutout fault has.

A high Battery Cutout fault has. A Low Battery Cutout fault has. A low Battery Cutout fault has. A Surge may have occurred for a while in occurred and the source of the fault is the AC module inverter high voltage bus. An Overload condition has been.

One or more of the three phase wire from detected in the AC module and the Vehicle AC bus is shutdown. One or more of the three phase.

spn 2791 fmi 2 maxxforce

An overcurrent condition in the Vehicle DC wires from the alternator is disconnected. The Power Pack system is shutdown and requires an ignition cycle. An Over Temperature fault has. AC module over temperature Bus might have caused an over temperature. An Over temperature fault has. Load exceeded rating. PPE3 module Fuse is Open. Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor. Data erratic, intermittent or incorrect. Shorted High or Open in Cruise Control available.

spn 2791 fmi 2 maxxforce

Short To Ground in Cruise Control.USA Posts. Mechan1c Top Member. Canada Posts. Thomasbus24 Administrator. Yes: Go to Step 2. No: Go to 3. Step 2 Determine if engine air intake is restricted. Decision A. Observe IMAP, while cranking engine. Is intake restriction 0. Yes: Repair intake restriction. After repairs are complete, retest for original problem. No: Go to Step 3. Yes: Go to Step 4. No: Repair EGR system problem. Step 4 Determine if cylinder relative compression is within specifications.

Decision Perform Relative Compression Test page Do one or more cylinders have significant speed difference s than others? Yes: Repair engine mechanical problem. No: Go to Step 5. Step 5 Measure fuel pressure to determine if combustion pressure is leaking into the fuel system.

Yes: Inspect fuel injector seals and bottom of each injector for burning. No: End Diagnostic Steps. End Diagnostic Steps After performing all diagnostic steps, if fault remains, verify if each step was completed correctly and the proper decision was made.Discussion in ' International Forum ' started by bowtieboy77Nov 26, Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Nov 26, 1. I am hoping to get some info on this code. Its a IH truck with a 13 maxforce engine unfortunatly. The code I have is egr low flow rate detected fmi 21, spn and the occurance numbers is 52 so it isnt just a one time fault.

My question is what are the possible problems causing this code and how would one start diagnosing it. I am a municipal mechanic and we are starting to get alot of the maxforce engines because they are the cheapest and we get equipment at lowest tender.

International MaxxForce 15 (All Years) Fault Codes

The code was retrieved using snap-ons newest prolink scanner. Any info is greatly appreciated. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Nov 26, 2. There is no actual flow sensor, but the ECM is able to calculate the flow rate through other sensors.

The flow rate is too low because the cooler is plugged. There is always soot present in the exhaust. The soot will mix with leaking coolant to form sludge that turns into hard carbon packing and blocks the passages. If you remove the end plate of the egr cooler at the front and the two smaller pipes that lead to the intake you will see the end of the low temp side cooler core.

You will see it plugged. If there is any trace of coolant you know there is a leak too, probably in the high temp side. The egr cooler is actually two coolers in one housing. Low side cooler at the front and high temp cooler at the back.

There are new repair procedures for them now where only the actual cores are replaced, not the complete cooler. HeavydNov 26, Nov 27, 3. At least I have a starting point.This is exactly what is happening with my cascadia. The only difference is a notable engine reaction every time the two lights come on in the dash, although they do not illuminate for very long, they light up often.

Replace the actuator? Visually inspect the EGR system hardware, clamps, connections, and for any interference with the travel of the pull rod. Repair as necessary. Verify repair. Verify the orientation of the pull rod. If not remove the pull rod and install the pull rod correctly. Move the pull rod toward the rear of the engine by hand.

If the pull rod moves turn the ignition on and monitor the EGR actuator and see if it moves. If the actuator does not move replace the actuator. Move the pull rod towrad the rear of the engine by hand. If the pull rod does not move disconnect and inspect the pull rod from the EGR valve to actuator. If the pull rod is okay move the EGR valve back and forth by hand.

spn 2791 fmi 2 maxxforce

Check to see if the valve moves from stop to stop, if not replace the seized EGR valve. If no fault codes become active, release the vehicle back into service. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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