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Components are tools that you can use to connect parts in the model. Components automate tasks and group objects so that Tekla Structures treats them as a single unit.

You can save the properties of a component and use them in other projects. Components adapt to changes in the model, which means that Tekla Structures automatically modifies a component if you modify the parts it connects.

When you copy or move objects, Tekla Structures automatically copies or moves all the associated components with the objects. System components. Tekla Structures contains a wide range of predefined system components by default. There are three types of system components:. For example, end plates, clip angles, and bolted gussets are connections.

For example, stiffeners, base plates, and lifting hooks are steel details, and beam reinforcement and pad footing footing that supports a single point of contact Pad footing usually supports one column. For example, stairs, frames, and towers are detailing components. You can also create your own components, custom componentsif you do not find a system component component that is included in a Tekla Structures configuration and whose component objects and composition the user can modify within the limits of the component properties that suits your needs.

You can use custom components in the same way as system components. Each component has a dialog box where you can define the properties of the component. The image below shows a typical example of a steel connection, the Two sided clip angle connection. Concrete and reinforcement component dialog boxes may have different options.

In the upper part of the dialog box, you can save and load predefined settings. Some components have buttons for accessing bolts, welds and DSTV properties. When modifying connections and details, you can select whether Tekla Structures ignores other types of connections and details, or modifies all selected connections and details irrespective of their type.

With the modify option, the type of the selected components is changed to match the type of the component you are currently modifying.


For more information, see Save and load object properties and Model folder files and file name extensions.Need support? Fill in this form instead. Skip to main content. Creating custom components. Software version: Content rating :. Related content :. Create a custom component. Create fittings. Weld properties. Bolt properties. Further learning. Tekla Structures for steel detailers. User interface - steel detailer.

Starting new projects. Modeling steel columns and beams. Modeling steel rafters and bracing. About system components. Modeling base plates. Modeling beam to beam web connections. Modeling beam to column connections.

Modeling two-sided connections. Modeling haunch connections. Modeling bracing connections. Detecting clashes. Custom components for bridge designers. Model view settings. Fixing clashes. About custom components. Modifying custom components.For older versions, please visit Tekla Warehouse. Component Class. Component Constructor. Component Properties.

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Component Methods. Component Class The Component class represents a component. A component is a modelling tool that typically assembles multiple parts to build some type of a structure, for example a hall macro or at a smaller scale a reinforcement component a macro. Also, a custom part is a component.

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Inheritance Hierarchy. Model Component. Name Description Component Creates a new component instance. Name Description Identifier The identifier of the object. The name of the component. The name identifies custom components or plug-ins. The number of the component. Deletes the component instance with the given ID from the model database.

Retrieves all properties for the model object in one hashtable. Type for the returned value must be checked using type casting. Retrieves multiple double report properties for the model object. It is faster to fetch multiple properties at once. Retrieves multiple integer report properties for the model object. Retrieves the phase of the model object the phase number, the phase name, the phase comment and whether the phase is the current one or not. Retrieves multiple string report properties for the model object.

Inserts the component into the model database. The component input needs to be set. Loads the attributes for the component from the given file. These attributes will be loaded before all the attributes that have been set with the SetAttribute methods, so any attributes that are set with SetAttribute will override those loaded from the given standard file.You can modify the catalog user interface for displaying or modifying information in categorized lists For example, profile catalog and shape catalog are catalogs.

Always check the settings and the group structure when upgrading to a new Tekla Structures version. Catalog definition files ComponentCatalog.

tekla component download

In multi-user mode all users access the same model folder. If there are several catalog definition files, Tekla Structures combines the information in the files. For more information on the folder search order, see Folder search order. To hide unnecessary parts of the group structure and catalog content from certain roles, edit the catalog definition files of these roles. The list of files shows all the environment folders, the project and firm folders if defined, and the model folder.

The image shows warning icons next to the files that appear dimmed. The files that appear dimmed do not exist, but you can create the files by selecting them, and answering Yes in the Edit mode message box. You can remove an existing file by clicking the button next to the file. The check mark in front of the folder name shows the file that is currently being edited. It is important to keep the Ungrouped items group empty, because all items downloaded from Tekla Warehouse service for collaboration and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures content In Tekla Warehouse the content items are stored in collections.

Tekla Warehouse is one of the Tekla Online services. When you place an item to a predefined group, it is automatically removed from the ungrouped items. We recommend that you make a back-up copy of the file before you start editing. Need support? Fill in this form instead. Skip to main content. Select the file that you want to edit. Create new groups and subgroups to organize the catalog content, right-click in the catalog and select New group Move the content from Ungrouped items to the new groups, or to other predefined custom groups.

To move an item to another group, right-click the item, select Add to groupand then select the target group.Tekla Structures Extension Gallery is a program that provides an easy-to-use way to find, launch and organize extensions. Hilti Anchor channels are available as Tekla families and can be downloaded as single files from your local Hilti website.

Tekla BIMsight is an easy to use construction software. With this program you can combine models Tekla Structures Extension Brace Drawing Tekla Structures Extension Erection drawing The extension allows you Tekla Structures Extension Auto Bolt is a free program that enables you to bolt input part and nearby parts, filler, splice or other plates.

Tekla Structures Extension Erection Sequencer is a program that you can use to name sequences and assign incremental numbers to parts. Tekla Structures Extension Floor Layout is intended for the creation and modification of floors build of precast filigree or hollow core slabs.

Tekla Structures Extension Model Checker Suite is a program that you can use it to verify and review the model with existing or new checks that you can create. Tekla Structures Extension Attach Part Wizard is a component that you can use to easily attach parts which are already detailed.

Curved Beam is a Tekla Structures component that allows you to create curved beams in the same manner as the two-point Default Font Tool is a Tekla Structures Extension that changes default font type, color and size for a specified number of drawing setting types.

Extension Manager Remove Extensions Menu After Download and install Disable Extensions Extensions are tiny Changing The Extension This solution Windows Mac. Revit Import from Tekla Structures x Tekla BIMsight. Tekla Structures Extension Erection drawing.You can download content as files from Tekla Warehouse service for collaboration and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures content In Tekla Warehouse the content items are stored in collections. Tekla Warehouse is one of the Tekla Online services.

In Tekla Warehouse you can download such content as model templates, model object object that is represented in a model A model object is either created in a model or imported into it. To download content as files from Tekla Warehouse :. For example, if the content contains profile export files. Then, in the Modify Profile Catalog dialog box, click Import You can download applications from Tekla Warehouse and then install the applications on your computer.

Applications are downloaded as. To download an application part of Tekla Structures functionality that is developed in order to extend the capability of Tekla Structures but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation from Tekla Warehouse :.

Need support? Fill in this form instead. Click Download, and select Just download. Once the item has been downloaded onto your computer, extract the. Select the Tekla Structures versions to which you want to import the item. Click Import. Restart Tekla Structures to finish up the import. Skip to main content. Tekla Warehouse Table of Contents.

Download content from Tekla Warehouse. Download content from Tekla Warehouse You can download content as files from Tekla Warehouse service for collaboration and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures content In Tekla Warehouse the content items are stored in collections.

See also Download or install multiple content items from Tekla Warehouse. Insert Tekla Warehouse content into a Tekla Structures model. Conflict management in Tekla Warehouse. Using content from Tekla Warehouse. Download a content item In Tekla Warehouse you can download such content as model templates, model object object that is represented in a model A model object is either created in a model or imported into it.

Download an application You can download applications from Tekla Warehouse and then install the applications on your computer. Quick feedback Did you find what you were looking for? What is missing?Here you will find some practical advice and information to help you access Tekla software and services remotely. Additionally, we have collected information about our products and services that might make a real difference keeping your business competitive.

Just like music, construction requires collaboration. With tons of new collaboration-boosting updates and features, Tekla is the key to a perfectly orchestrated BIM structural workflow. Start your three month trial and receive 10 free Tekla Model Sharing licenses, with no commitment to buy.

We are excited to introduce our showcase website for our new office being built in Espoo, Finland. Highlighting how Trimble technology and services are used during the planning, design, fabrication and construction phases. Power up your production, project management, estimating and purchasing with one seamless, easy-to-use solution, made specifically for steel fabricators. Visualize and share fabrication information like never before! They support design through its phases, allowing better analysis and control than manual processes.

When completed, these computer-generated models contain precise geometry and data needed to support the construction, fabrication, and procurement activities through which the building is realized.

On track to open inthe iconic Museum of the Future will serve as an exhibition space for innovative and futuristic concepts, services and products.

Component Class

Space will also include science labs, restaurants and an auditorium. VP of Finance and Administration, Ricky Horton tells how the company has benefited from the real time fabrication The Ramboll Group is a leading Nordic company in engineering that has become an extensive Tekla Structures software user with hundreds of structural design projects delivered during recent years Technology-savvy Clark Pacific continually looks for ways to boost efficiency, productivity and quality by utilizing Tekla Structures for precast design and fabrication.

When you take pride of your trade, you prefer tools that are purpose built for your needs. The concrete builder Pankow took an innovative approach to technology and construction in order to bring Benefits that lead to increased productivity continue to be the most important advantage for Cullen Steel. Leach Structural Steelwork is a Preston, Lancashire, UK based structural steel fabrication company that specializes in commercial projects, factories, warehouses, and production facilities.

tekla component download

The Unger Steel Group, based in Austria, is a frontrunner in the global construction industry. Unger creates tailor-made solutions for construction industry with a whole spectrum of service. Retired Air Force Col. Bryce Hollingsworth and Victoria Pack founded Hollingsworth Pack in with a vision to provide consistent, old-fashioned professional design and construction Efficient, accurate and reliable planning plays a key role in the success of concrete construction.

US-based F. Wilhelm Construction trusts Tekla Structures as a tool for formwork and concrete Midland Steel builds constructible models virtually before going to site in order to reduce risk and use software as a tool to facilitate rebar prefabrication process in their projects.

tekla component download

Sisttemex is a Mexico-based company that offers specialized product and services in steel structures and appreciates reduced delivery times and smoother project management. They provide also related consulting, design, production, logistics and High Concrete Group, LLC is a family owned company that has delivered precast concrete structures for nearly 50 years.

The Danish engineering company MOE choses innovative thinking and advanced use of BIM, and utilize these in projects like the award-winning Amager Resource Center where a waste-to-energy plant Lawson-Fisher Associates quickly saw time savings that would come from replacing their existing methods with Tedds. Changes could now be made quickly and easily, within one piece of software and CPanel Company Limited, which owns and operates the first fully integrated precast concrete production facility in Thailand is transforming the construction and real estate industry in the region APT created consistency and confidence across the company with Tedds, the structural calculation software, with a library of bespoke calculations.

At Loe, Tekla is not just for design and detailing: the company has integrated Tekla Structures with their Manufacturing Execution Systems MES which plan production and construction site The forward-looking engineering, production and construction company UPB can now avoid frustrating delays when modeling.

tekla component download


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